writing Samples

Writing has always been a crucial part of my life. I am ecstatic whenever another person can relate to or wants to share my writing. Below are some platforms and opportunities I have been given to showcase my writing.


2015: 10th Annual Israel Arbeiter Holocaust Essay Contest 

2016: Where There Be Dragons Yak Board: Yellow (Not the Coldplay Song)

2017: Global Citizen Year: Author Phuong Nguyen Blog Summer Search: Reclaiming Her Identity

2021: Bad Art Blog

private Samples

2016: A Comparative Study between BHCC Dual Enrollment and MHS:
What is the difference in rigor between BHCC Dual Enrollment Psychology class and AP Psychology taught class at MHS?

2019: A Replication Study of “How Do Natural Resources Influence Civil War?” By Micheal Ross: the Philippines from 1972 to 1996

2019: The Student Responsibility Curse (WRIT 150 Assignment)

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