18 Off A Gap Year: White

Honestly, re-entering the country has not been a fluid transition. From April 14th, the day my Global Citizen year ended, to today, I have been working to mend that gap between countries — mentally, physically, culturally, and (of course) financially. Yesterday, June 7th, 2018, was the day I officially became an official Alumna by GCY protocol. IContinue reading “18 Off A Gap Year: White”

18 On A Gap Year: Orange & Yellow

One of the most notable fruits I’ve tried for the first time in Ecuador has to be granadillas. They look like orange raindrops and are in the same family as passionfruit. The insides are similar to passionfruit in that the seeds are encased in a kind of goop, but it differs in color and taste.Continue reading “18 On A Gap Year: Orange & Yellow”